About Palm Beach Indivisibles


The Mission:

We are a non-partisan group of activists whose primary goal is to protect what makes America great. As Palm Beach Indivisibles, we use our strategic Winter White House advantage to defend, resist and persist at all levels of the local, state and national government.

Our Guiding Principles:

Defend, Resist, Persist - We take a steadfast, defensive posture to minimize damage and protect what we have, resist what we do not want and apply pressure to influence opposing public officials to conform to our agenda and achieve our outcomes.

Enduring Presence - We are resolute in our commitment to force the societal and political change needed now and far into the future.  We must remain alert and fight the complacency that leads to any situation that threatens the freedoms protection that makes America great.

Innovate the Vision - Understand and anticipate the Movement’s barriers and create the organizational engine to implement actions, drive our agenda forward and capture victory.

Grow, Lead, Persist - We grow through mergers and associations with other like-minded groups, establish critical mass and make our voices heard. We assertively yet respectfully drive calls, mailings, office visits and town halls to ensure our agenda.

Be Your Own Voice - While all of us are committed to the defensive mission of Palm Beach Indivisibles, our members have diverse political interests.  We will Informally participate in other actions but balance the PBIN non-partisan stand.

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